Secrets of Coffee


«Secrets of Coffee» is the first in a wholly UNIQUE series of «Tales of a Coffee Expert.»

The book is written by a man in love with coffee, with a lot to tell and an engaging ability to tell it simply and clearly. Here you will find fascinating tales, interesting new facts about coffee, and a wealth of wonderful photographs.

No coffee lover can afford to be without it.

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Life on our planet is sustained by a magically energizing drink called “COFFEE.” It loyally accompanies us through the day, generously giving up its energy and warmth and changing the lives of people in every corner of the globe.

A really good read about coffee, without the usual tired recipes and myths about frisky goats, is a rarity in today’s Internet age and, after reading this book, we think you will agree it is that happy exception.

The author is a great coffee expert, he has traveled the length and breadth of the coffee globe. First and foremost, however, he is a man in love with coffee, with a lot to tell and an engaging ability to tell it simply and clearly.


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About the Author

Serge Remy (Sergey Reminny) is a coffee expert and the proprietor of Ionia il caffè, a coffee importing and distributing company in Ukraine.

For five years he has been Coordinator for Ukraine of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

By training a linguist and translator, he lived and worked for many years in Italy where he learned the ins and outs of coffee.

His fascination with coffee has taken him to over 100 countries; he has visited coffee farms in Ethiopia and Yemen, Panama and India, Costa Rica and Hawaii, Colombia and Rwanda, Nepal, Indonesia, Brazil and many others.

A maximalist in all he does, he lives the coffee life to the fullest.





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